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Victoria ranks one in participation

10 September 2018

The Melbourne Stars are proud to have helped Victoria become the number one state for cricket participation in the country.

Inspiring kids to be the next Glenn Maxwell or Kristen Beams, the Stars are proud to promote participation through various community events and at matches. 

A total of 426,959 Victorians played cricket last season, an increase of 13.46% from 2016-17.

Participation in the Girls Leagues rose by more than 50% last season as total female participation also grew by 31% from the 2016-17 season to 115,283, which was primarily driven by the significant impact of the Growing Cricket for Girls Fund that supported over 100 new junior girls club teams in 2017-18.

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In addition, the focus on cricket being a sport for all Victorians delivered an increase of 33.13% in multicultural participation. This growth is highlighted by the strong work and growth of Cricket Victoria’s Harmony In Cricket Association (HICA).

Cricket Victoria General Manager of Community Cricket Rohan O’Neill said the results were pleasing but there was more work to do.

“These figures are a tremendous result for Victorian cricket and demonstrates the great work being done across the cricket community and particularly via our diversity and inclusion programs. We are delivering on our commitment to be the number one participation state in Australia,” O’Neill said.

“While these are fantastic results, we are conscious that we still have a task ahead of us in attracting and retaining club players over the longer term. At a junior cricket level, cricket is booming. However we have more work to do to ensure we build a sustainable participation base that will provide future generations of talented players, coaches and importantly volunteers.”