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Meet Lizelle Lee

03 October 2017

Meet one of our newest recruits - Lizelle Lee!

Q) How would you describe yourself as a batter?

A) Probably a big hitter. But I have so much to improve on in that area. To be totally honest I don't want to be known as just a big-hitter, but also someone who can bat through an innings.

Q) What are you looking to bring to the Stars this season?

A) I really hope that I can help the team be the best that we can be, and to help the youngsters improve their games. I will be taking the gloves behind the stumps which I am very excited about, and if I can take a few stumpings or take a few catches to help the team, I will be more than happy. I think at the end of the day we all want to improve our own game, and there is always something you can learn from and someone that can help you. I am looking forward to working with the coaching staff and picking their cricket brains on how they see things and how they approach situations.

Q) Biggest influence on your cricketing career?

A) Definitely my mum and dad. My dad has given my so much advice and he is the reason why I'm playing the way I am. My mum and dad are very straight with me when it comes to cricket. If I played well they will tell me, and if I played badly by throwing my wicket away I would know. They have always supported me with all of my sport, and were always watching from the sidelines. If they could travel overseas to watch my games they would. I believe that having a support system like this makes a massive difference in my game.

Q) What is your best cricketing memory?

A) I would say scoring my maiden 100 in Australia against the number one team in the world. Hopefully this isn’t my last.

Q) You describe yourself as an animal lover, do you have any pets?

A) Yes I have 3 doggies. Tessa, Jessie and Sammy and they are the cutest doggies in the world (like all animal owners would say) but mine really are. They are currently living with my parents in Ermelo while I am studying in Potchefstroom.

Q) What do you study?

A) I am currently studying teaching at North West University. 

Q) You seem to be a keen golfer, do you have interests in other sports?

A) I love my golf but I'm pretty bad at it... need at least 5-10 extra balls with me because I can't find them after hitting it. I used to do athletics and play hockey in school. When I started my studies at NWU my dream was to play hockey for SA but that took a turn.

Q) You must enjoy travelling the world playing cricket?

A) Yes I do. I am very privileged to be able to travel the world doing something I love, seeing places I never thought I would see. And to put a cherry on top, being paid to do it. I wish that I could play until I am 50.

Q) Do you think the women’s game is growing due to competitions such as the WBBL?

A) Yes definitely. Women's cricket is getting so strong and Australia is one of the counties that is leading this. You get to play against some of the best players in the world and improve the game. Players playing in the WBBL gets so much exposure playing against international players. Their individual games are growing stronger and stronger with the help of this competition.