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KP announces last season of Big Bash

08 January 2018

Kevin Pietersen confirms this will be his last season of the Big Bash.

KP spoke to media at Melbourne airport about his last Big Bash season. 

Kevin Pietersen has announced that this season of Big Bash will be his last, as he prepares to retire from all forms of cricket by the end of 2018.

“You know when the time is right,” admitted Pietersen to media at Melbourne Airport on Sunday.

Out of contract at the end of this BBL season, Pietersen confirmed that he could not see himself returning to the competition at the end of the year.

“I wanted to leave when I was meant to leave, still good for the game and I wasn’t chasing anything.”

Perhaps one of the greatest ambassadors for T20 cricket, the England great made very clear intentions of staying involved with the Stars in the future.

“It has been honestly incredible…I’ve had the best time ever playing here for the Melbourne Stars.

“I’ll continue to come back to Australia, I’d love to be back at the Stars in some capacity… I think I could add a lot of value there.”

A controversial character and a Stars fan-favourite, Pietersen’s departure from the club will definitely be a hard goodbye for players and fans, as well as for the man himself.

“I’ve had the best time and to be able to finish off four years at the Stars having definitely held my own and played as well as I could have ever played… I actually think I’ve played some of my best knocks in T20 cricket here in Australia for the Melbourne Stars.

“It makes me feel incredibly proud and incredibly happy,” he said.

As for the remainder of the season and his last campaign as a Stars player, KP will continue to commit to his team with pride and positive spirit.

“The green jersey has been that good to me, I’ll wear it with pride and I’ll always treasure what the Melbourne Stars has done for me in Australia as well as for my cricket.”