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Gemma Triscari speaks about gender equality in sport

19 January 2017

Stars bowler Gemma Triscari chats to VicHealth about her passion for cricket and her vision for female athletes.

School teacher by day, cricketer by night, find out what Stars bowler Gemma Triscari had to say when she caught up with partner organisation VicHealth.

VicHealth is championing the important role women all over Victoria and Australia play in sports leadership, management, media and as professional athletes.

1. How did you start your career in cricket?
I got into the wrong class at school. I was a school netball representative and my school offered netball and cricket as electives if you represented the school. Netball didn't fit in with my timetable and the only other options was dance, drama, art and cricket. I enjoyed sports as a kid so in year 11 I went into the cricket class with a bunch of my friends.

2. Have you always been passionate about playing sport and why?
I've always really enjoyed playing sports. I like the challenge and competitive side but also equally enjoy the connections made with teammates and celebrating success with them.

3. What is your training regime and how does this fit within your work/study schedule?
I train most nights of the week after work. I am a high school Phys Ed teacher so I work full time and fit in my training commitments outside of that. Training includes a few group skill sessions a week as well as individual strength and conditioning sessions. I like to also include a few mindfulness activities like massage, pool or yoga to assist with recovery.

4. What does gender equality mean to you?
Gender equality means to me having the freedom and access to opportunities across a number of forums regardless of your gender. It's about both men and women having the right support structures around them to allow them to succeed both on and off the field.

5. What would be the ideal scenario for future female elite athletes in your opinion?
The ideal scenario would be for female athletes to receive the support and recognition they deserve for the level of commitment and dedication they demonstrate within their chosen sport. At the moment our sport is semi-professional so it would be wonderful to see the sport grow into professional status to allow girls to train and improve their skills which will in turn make the game fantastic to watch and compete in.

7. Lots of Victorian’s want to support women in sport – what’s the best first step?
Come along and enjoy the games live! It's already been so great seeing the amount of families attend our games and clinics. Getting involved in your local community club/organisation is a great way too.

8. What have you most enjoyed about your partnership with VicHealth’s Gender Equality in Sport campaign?
I have really enjoyed demonstrating that you can be elite and active and successful in your sport, regardless of your gender. I thoroughly enjoy being a role model for young girls, showing them that it is possible to forge a career in sport.