Introducing our new ‘Stars Saver’ Rewards program!

We have worked hard over the break and have bundled offers from over 4,500 retailers across Victoria to enhance the perks of your Melbourne Stars membership!

As a member of #TeamGreen, you will now have access to exclusive offers and discounts from; restaurants, leisure activities, cinemas, retailers, accommodation and many more! Stars Saver launches from 15 August 2019.

Introducing Star Minis!

Collect up to six mini Stars players throughout the season, for Melbourne Stars members only.

You'll receive your first Stars Mini in your membership pack with a limited-edition collectors tin, then stay tuned to find out when and where you can find their mini teammates...

Introducing the Stars Members ONLY mates bay!

Want access to the exclusive member-only seating bay at the MCG on Level 1? We've created an additional add on to allow you to sit with other passionate Melbourne Stars members in the exclusive member only seating area as well as any other General Admission areas you might want to sit within the MCG.

Only members who have purchased into this member only area will be able to sit here on match day.