Membership Refunds & Cancellations Information

Memberships are non-refundable. Once a Melbourne Stars membership has been purchased, Melbourne Stars is under no obligation to provide a cancellation or refund, except where required by law or in accordance with these terms and conditions.


Full refunds of season reserved seating may be offered at Melbourne Stars absolute discretion, however, for the avoidance of doubt, refunds will not be available after the commencement of the Big Bash League season. Any requests for cancellation or refund need to be put in writing to the Melbourne Stars membership manager at


Cancellation of an application will be accepted providing the application has not already been processed. Any request for cancellation must be provided in writing to Melbourne Stars.

Melbourne Stars may cancel your membership of Melbourne Stars at any time in its sole and absolute discretion in the event Melbourne Stars determines that you have breaches any of these terms and conditions or any of the policies, terms and conditions or policy statements referred to in Clause 14 of these terms and conditions. Melbourne Stars is not required to give any reason for any such cancellation.

Any requests for cancellation or refund need to be put in writing to the membership manager at

Transferred Matches

Cricket Australia reserves the right to transfer scheduled home matches from the MCG to any other venue. A "first-in-basis" seating area or equivalent reserved seat will be allocated to all patrons who hold a reserved seat at the venue from where the match is being transferred.

No Result

Melbourne Stars match access Members may be eligible for a 20% discount off their BBL|08 membership if there is no result in any of the Melbourne Stars BBL home matches during the home and away part of the BBL|07 season. This discount is only available if:

  • less than 6 overs were played during the whole home Match; and
  • there was no result recorded in the home Match,

AND subject always to the following;

  • This discount applies to Match Access memberships only. For the avoidance of doubt, Star Gazer and MCC memberships do not qualify for a discount;
  • Membership for the BBL|08 needs to be the equivalent category and price type to the Member’s BBL|07 membership;
  • Members will only be entitled to this discount if they renew for the BBL|08 season;
  • This discount will not apply in the event that the Member has a membership that permits match attendance at a specified number of home matches (e.g., 2 or 4) and that Member did attend that number of home matches in respect of which there was a result (e.g., in the event the Member has purchased a General Admission – 2 Game membership and he or she attends two matches that are not ‘no result’ matches, then irrespective of whether other home matches result in a ‘no result’, this discount will not apply; and
  • The discount is capped at 20% - if multiple home games have no result, a maximum total of 20% will be subtracted from their BBL|08 membership fee.

The discount and application of discount to membership packages will be communicated by Melbourne Stars prior to the BBL|08 season, if a no result is recorded during the BBL|07 season on the terms described above.

Please note that this discount is applicable for Melbourne Stars’ BBL home games only and does not apply in connection with a no result in away matches, any Big Bash Finals matches, WBBL matches or Sheffield Shield matches.