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Our Home Ground

Our Home Ground

The sight of the MCG absolutely packed with fans is what gives Melbourne its soul.

The Melbourne Stars join a brotherhood of teams that play week in, week out, in the modern-day coliseum.

It’s a place that’s hosted and nurtured sport at all levels – from the birth of Test cricket and Aussie rules through to the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground sits close to the city centre between Melbourne suburbs Richmond and East Melbourne.

It can hold up to 100,000 people at a match.

The largest Big Bash crowd recorded was in Jan 2016 with 80,883 people watching the Stars take on cross-town rivals the Renegades in a double header derby.

Each year at the end of the cricket season the pitches are removed and worked-on off-site while the MCG is used as for AFL, then at the start of summer the pitches are “dropped” back in ready for another season of cricket.

The MCG consists of four main areas - the Great Southern Stand, Ponsford Stand, Olympic Stand and MCC Members Pavilion.

• Public access to the Great Southern Stand is via either Gates 4, 5 or 6.

• Public access to the Ponsford Stand is via Gate 1.

• Public access to the Olympic Stand is via Gate 3.

• Access to the AFL Members Reserve is via Gates 7.

• Access to the MCC Members Reserve is via Gate 2.

• Although there are steps directly in front of Gate 5, access can be obtained by using the graduated walkway in front of Gate 4.

• Access to Gate 1 is via Rod Laver Arena footbridge or ramp on the corner of Jolimont Street and Jolimont Terrace.

Parking details

Yarra Park on event days - $10 per car. If full, you might need to try the car parks in the city.

Disabled parking

Specific disabled parking available in Yarra Park. Don’t forget to bring a valid accessible parking permit.

Public Transport


You’ve got two options – Jolimont Station to the north (close to the G) or Richmond Station to the south east (a bit further away but still an easy walk).


The No.75 or 48 from the city. Hop off at Wellington Parade when you see the light towers of the G on the right. It’s not too far from the city, so keep your eyes peeled.

The No.70 from the city goes around the south side of the ground. Hop off at the tennis centre and take ramp that leads straight up to Gate 1.

Alternatively, avoid the crush and ‘that guy’ who’s clearly enjoyed his day a little too much, and make the short walk from Flinders St station to access all of the city’s tram and train network.

Click here for door-to-door information from your house - https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/

For more information on the MCG, visit https://mcg.org.au/