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Huss' Blog: Gut-wrenching

08 February 2013
Disbelief for the Stars

Well, what an ending to the KFC T20 Big Bash League’s season number two… unfortunately though… it was a gut-wrenching end for Stars fans.

Hi everyone, Huss here.

Well, what an ending to the KFC T20 Big Bash League’s season number two… unfortunately though… it was a gut-wrenching end for Stars fans.

Once again, the mighty Melbourne Stars fell short in the semi final against the Perth Scorchers. It sure makes for a long flight home Perth two years in a row.

Despite the result, what a match! Sadly for us the game was one of the best batting innings the Stars have ever produced, something we were searching for all season.

Cam White (88 from 53 balls) and the ever-classy Brad Hodge (73 from 43 balls) were at their very best and posted an amazing first innings score to set up the game.

However the rain followed us again to Perth and unfortunately was a major player in this game. When rain is around and Duckworth Lewis comes into play it always favours the team batting second so anything can happen and anything did pretty much did!

I was of course in Brisbane with the Aussie ODI team watching the semi with my stars teammates Matty Wade, Clinton McKay and Glenn Maxwell and we all were convinced that after our batting effort, the game was effectively over. And then the rain took over… nightmare!

There is nothing worse than watching your team and not being able to do anything. The Stars boys are and I were tearing our hair out as we sat around watching the second innings. The rain was frustrating us immensely as it ruined what was going to be a cracking match and we could do nothing but sit there helplessly as the Scorchers total become lower and lower.

The finals overs of the game were stressful to watch – we were all very nervous. The penultimate over of that match had to be one of the most intense finishes I’ve ever seen and no doubt the drama around how it ended only added to the Stars heartache. Wadey, Clint, Maxi and I were all equally as gutted with the result; we were really feeling for the lads over at the WACA.

As many would know, Duckworth Lewis is a calculation, which is made when a ‘reduced over’ match has occurred due to rain. I think many would agree with me that it is designed for 50-over cricket and not T20!

I really hope the math magicians out there can devise a new formula, which is fair for both teams and doesn’t favour the team who bats second.

To be clear this isn’t a stab at the result - we had our opportunities in the semi but didn’t take them - and the Duckworth Lewis method went in our favour in our home and away match earlier in the season against the Scorchers, but I just don’t believe this process works in Twenty20.

Many people in the cricket fraternity would agree we me about this as it affected other matches in BBL|02. This was also an issue at the ICC World T20 Cup in late 2012 where England where knocked out of the competition due to a D/L result (West Indies won even though they only scored 2/60 in 6 six overs in reply to England's 5/191.) There was some talk that the inventors of the D/L - Tony Lewis and Frank Duckworth - were going to be taking a close look at the system to see if it was appropriate for T20 cricket... Let’s hope they do.

Anyway enough of that, as I said regardless of D/L we still should have won that game. I wasn't there and can't fully understand what actually went on but all is know is that we, the Melbourne Stars, will be back next year bigger and better.

We have been semi finalists twice now and I know all the boys haven't enjoyed the flight home as ‘losers’. And I know how much this loss hurt the group - it’s something that will stick with players, coaches, staff and everyone involved in the team for some time - but we’ll use this as motivation and be back with vengeance next season.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all the loyal Stars members and fans that have supported us this season too. Your support has been outstanding through this roller coaster ride. Thank you and we hope to see you all again next season.

Make sure you jump on board in BBL|03!


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