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Bobby's Blog: Wright on it

15 December 2012
Bobby and Luke

G'day Stars fans and Bobbymaniacs.  

I hope you're all upbeat and smiling because us boys at the Stars are! Unfortunately, our first match against the Melbourne Renegades didn’t go to plan, Alan Finch batted beautifully, but, we bounced back brilliantly in Perth, even if the rain almost get in our way. Thanks to Lasith Malinga efforts, we deserved the win. Now we're looking at continuing our form in tonight's  match against the Hobart Hurricanes and then beyond.

As I alluded to in my last blog, I will endeavor to sit down and chat with Stars players and give all the fans and Bobbymaniacs a behind the scenes look into their lives.

For this edition I have decided to fire some questions to our opening batter and English import, Luke Wright. Fittingly, Wrighty broke every record in the book this time last year against the Hurricanes with the help of a trusty partner of course. Anyway onto the interesting part:

RQ: Luke, where exactly in England do you and your family reside?

LW: I am originally from Leicestershire, but I have lived in Sussex for about 10 years now, and I love it.

RQ: Speaking of family, you have a young son, Joshua. How old is he and what would his name be if he came out as a she?

LW: Little Josh has just turned one. He is a beauty. If he was to be a girl, he might have been called Olivia.


RQ: Some fans have written in to me asking if you and our bowling coach, Damien Wright are related. They have said you resemble each other… can you elaborate on this please?

LW: Haha. We are not officially related but we might as well be. I am actually the godfather to his youngest child Jake. We also have the Wright family nose!!!


RQ: Do you prefer to wear tight fitting briefs or are you the type that likes the looser, 'American Dad' boxers?

LW: I much prefer the tighter fitting boxers. I have a nice bum so they accentuate it nicely.


RQ: Speaking of America, have you ever visited the place? If so, where?

LW: Yeah, I went there recently on a trip that included New York, Las Angeles and Las Vegas. New York is a great place; I would love to go back.


RQ: Who is one player from Sussex to keep an eye out for in the future to possibly represent England?

LW: A left-handed batsman by the name of Luke Wells. He is a talented young man on the rise. I suspect he will have a very big season coming up.


RQ: Are you a natural blonde?

LW: No way... I am a brunette. I dye my hair to keep me looking fresher. Fresh is the look in Brighton, Sussex.


RQ: Do you have any superstitions when it comes to cricket?

LW: Not really, but I do believe in 'mother cricket'.


RQ: How do you feel about having two squids, a bear, an elf and a wookie in your cricket team?

LW: Haha, it is like a zoo. I don't really mind though. I'm used to playing with Monty Panesar, and he is known as a creature called Cracken, from the film Remember The Titans. 


RQ: How do you think we can get our Sri Lankan import, Lasith Malinga to quieten down a bit? He has been very boisterous recently.

LW: Great question Bobby. I am not too sure, but I do know, once he starts talking, there is no stopping him.


RQ: How is your ‘boy band’ shaping up? I hear that will take up your life after cricket? Are there any other cricketers involved in it?

LW: My boy band is called ‘Pure’ and we have been pretty quiet of late. We are fairly big in the States though. For the record, there are two other cricketers in the band, Jade Dernbach and Rory Hamilton-Brown. I am the singer-songwriter, Haha.

RQ: Well Luke, I appreciate your time, back to the mirror for you.


Stars fans, that is it for another random blog. We have a big couple of games coming up - against the Hurricanes and then the Sixers. Hopefully we can get out there and have some more success. Make sure you keep an eye out for a big Hodge/Hussey partnership. I've got a good feeling about it. 

'Til next blog, keep smiling and only eat Colonel in moderation. Especially that burger with no bun, it looks so good…


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